Synthetic Barcode Labels

Typical applications include labels for rigid containers on Cosmetics, Toiletries and other Health and Beauty Aid products, Food and Beverage products, promotional labeling and household chemicals requiring durability and resistance to moisture and chemicals. The product is especially suitable for use on containers with a pearlescent look. Due to the nature of the film, care should be taken with use on non-uniform surfaces and where a high level of squeezability is required.
We have Synthetic Matt Finish Labels, Synthetic Polyester Labels, Grey or Silver Polyester Labels, Avery Faspet Labels, Opaque Polyester Labels, Clear Polyester PVC Labels, White PP Labels, Polymide Labels etc..,
Applications : Jewellery Tag, Electronics, Medical Lab, PC Board Manufacturing, Auto mobile Industries, Pharmaceutical Companies etc..,


♦ Consistently providing excellent performance and image quality,

♦ In Industrial applications it's easy-to-read and easy-to-print labels,

♦ Comprehensive range of industrial solutions that can increase the accuracy, functionality and overall performance of your product label.